Your Questions and Our Answers

Specials Available to Our Customers

Yes, we sell supplies for home wine and beer making.

A batch of wine will make 30 750mL bottles of wine. We recommend bringing 31 bottles as there is often a little extra. If you don’t have wine bottles, we sell these at the store.

Yes we do, in any denomination you prefer.

Depending on the kit, wines will be ready to bottle in 4 to 8 weeks.

You can make multiple kits at the same time.

You can begin enjoying your wine immediately after bottling, however cellaring the wine will allow all the elements (tannins, fruit, acidity, oak) to integrate and will optimize the wine. The general rule is that “the higher the quality of wine, the longer it should cellar.”

For the first 4 to 5 days, the bottles should be kept upright to allow any trapped air pressure to escape. Afterwards, the wine bottles should be stored on their side in a cool, dark space.

We have everything you need to bottle your wine. First, the bottles are sterilized. You then fill the bottles and cork. Finally, the finishing touches include adding a shrink cap and a label to the wine bottles. We have a variety of shrinks and labels to choose from.

Yes, wine can be sweetened to taste. We will work with you to add just the right amount of sweetener prior to bottling.

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